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Monday, November 28, 2011

Peace On Earth Hunt ~ POE4 Gifts from Shabby Chic

A Second Life holiday tradition will soon be upon us again. The annual Peace On Earth Hunt will begin on December 1st for the fourth consecutive year. It's amazing to get the opportunity to preview this years wonderful gifts for you. With 250 vendors participating in this years hunt its good you'll have from December 1st, 2011 thru January 3rd, 2012 to pick up all the fantastic and exclusive gifts created just for the hunt this year!

My first POE4 post features an adorable Pajama Outfit from Shabby Chic, perfect start to get me in the holiday spirit.

POE4 by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
POE4, a photo by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat on Flickr.

Not too shabby, the creator of Shabby Chic did not forget the guys! Here is the Men's Gingerbread ManJamas set, as you can see, its ok for you girls to steal the boys PJ's they're compfy and look great on us too!

POE4 by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
POE4, a photo by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat on Flickr.

You can join the Peace On Earth Hunters Group here:

Starting December 1st, 2011 TELEPORT HERE to start begin hunting!

Happy Holiday Hunting to you!

Check out the official Peace On Earth Hunt Blog:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pipins Summer Fashion Show: 1pm SLT June 24th

Expect some exciting builds from Pipins Creations NEW Summer Collection. I'd like to invite you all to attend the runway presentation of the summer collection at 1pm SLT (Second Life Time) on June 24th.

Click HERE to read my previous review of Pipins Creations. The designer's masterful use of prims with subtle light and transparencies impressed me enough to write this post:

I look forward to seeing the NEW Summer Collection from the creative french designer. If you'd like to see more of Pipins Creations right away CLICK HERE to teleport directly to the mainstore now, where you can find out more about entering Pipin's Lady of the Month Contest!
Have fun Styling! I'll see you at the show!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lovely Mi Limited Edition Makeup

I've been lucky to find some incredible looks in SL. The makeup of Lovely Mi can spice up any look with its bright avant garde splashes of color and cool concepts. These three makeups are being offered as Limited Edition looks, with only the first 25 customers stealing the show! Make sure to follow the SLurls below to visit the 3 Lovely Mi locations where these hot Limited looks can be found.
The looks are versatile as they can be worn as one full makeup layer with eye and lip makeup or you can choose to wear only the eye or only the lip portion of the makeup. With some viewers where multiple makeup layers are supported this leaves you the option to mix and match them with other Lovely Mi makeups you find in the shops! So happy hunting, each of the Limited Edition makeups are prominently located in a vendor which displays how many packages are left to be sold, get them before they are gone! Follow the SLurls below.
Limited Edition Makeup by Lovely Mi
Also in this picture:
  • Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Sonatta Morales
  • Jacket by Entre Mares
  • Jewelry by Aurora Borealis

These 3 Looks are available at 3 Locations, below you can find the SLurls for you to go see them for yourself, and in addition to these Limited Edition Makeup styles a Lovely Mi 10L gift is available at each location.
The O-Glam Mall

The Finesmith Mall

The Kabuki Boutique

There are only 25 packages of each Lovely Mi Limited Edition makeup style, so be sure to hurry and get yours, once they are gone~ they're gone! Don't delay! & don't forget to have fun styling!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

L'Abel ~Summer Collection

I'm enjoying my summer! Hope you are too! Here is another of my favorite L'Abel pieces.

I am in love this summer! I discovered L'Abel's summer collection and it's stolen my prim heart! I adore the way the light textures read so truthfully as actually fabric. The bold fun prints and the simple linens give a real tactile experience when worn, letting my avie *feel* that its summer.

In This Picture:

  • Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Sking by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Bracelets by Wetherby's Designs
  • Dress by L'Abel
  • Pose by Long Awkward Pose [LAP]
Have fun Styling!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

L'Abel ~Summer Collection

Here is a preview of the L'Abel Pantsuit, part of the L'Abel Summer Collection I. Once again, L'Abel shows casual elegance in an easily wearable ensemble.

Look forward to more posts on this collection, as we anticipate the release of L'Abel's Summer Collection II later in the season.

In This Picture:

  • Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Pantsuit by L'Abel
  • Necklace by Elemental Earth Designs
  • Ring by Finesmith
  • Earrings by Gems and Kisses
  • Shoes by N-Core
  • Pose by Morgane Batista *NEW LOCATION*
Have fun styling~!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

L'Abel ~Summer Collection ~Farmgirl

Summer is here! This memorial day weekend, its officially summer for families all over the United States. Can you feel the warm sun where you are? I love the sweet warmth of the NEW L'Abel summer collection. Summertime is all about easy living, and the L'Abel summer collection's easy comfort comes from the soft light fabrics and sweet pastel tones and playful prints.
This first summer collection of the year from L'Abel boasts a range of wear, from the farm inspired looks that is reminiscent of underwear worn innocently as outerwear, to some more sophisticated floral prints in dresses and casual summer suits soon to be featured in later posts. We can also look forward to a second summer collection this year from L'Abel which will feature some more formal looks.

Here I wanted to show you the easy living in "farmgirl" one of my favorite ensembles of the collection. I love the lil bloomer pants, with the warmth of summer on my skin I decided to go barefoot in my sculpted feet from N-core. I let my hair down and found a long stalk of summer grass to chew on, and with Tuli's makeup you can see the splash of sunshine across my face. Click Here to teleport directly to L'Abel or see the style notes below for details.

In this picture:

Come see the new Summer collection for yourself and make sure to check back as I cover more of the the Summer Collection I from L'Abel.

& Have fun styling your summer look!


Later today:

TODAY is the FIRST DAY you can pick up L'Abel's NEW Summer Collection!
SEE Exclusive pics here COMING TODAY! ~CHECK BACK to See Here


IF we can raise 50,000L today it will be MATCHED! GO TO THE JRF SIM
{Update: The goal was reached! THANK YOU EVERYONE!}
I'll continue my countdown when I get back, lets go support the JRF!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}

Friday, May 27, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 2 Days Left

I love my Japan Relief Fundraiser fashion finds, and with the event coming to a close this weekend, there is still time for you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help support an incredible cause and pick up some of the hottest fashion items on the grid right now. The Hair pictured below is offered by ICONIC with 100% of the proceeds going to the official charity of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, Americares. The Hyatt Haute Couture Jewelry bracelets are another item where 100% of the proceeds go to the fundraiser.
Amazing hair and classy jewelry like this fits perfect with my new favorite little black dress by Meiling Couture. New to the SL fashion scene, Meiling Couture is also offering a gown to raise funds for Americares, you can pick up the classic black JRF gown from the Meiling Couture mainstore, see it in this previous post: .
In this picture:
For this final weekend of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim everyone should stop by, bring your friends, there will be some special auctions. UPDATE: HOT OF THE SL PRESS RELEASES>> "..beginning at midnight SLT on May 28 until the Saturday, Midnight SLT (for 24 hours), the JRF will keep a separate talley of all purchases and/or monetary donations made. An anonymous donor has come forward and has made an offer to the JRF that if we can raise 50,000L$ between midnight tonight till tomorrow midnight, the donor will match with another 50,000L$!!"


I'll see ya there! Have fun at the event!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 3 Days Left

We're down to the last 3 days of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event. The JRF event has raised over 800,000 Linden for Americares, the official charity of the JRF. Many content creators who have created and donated their wares and time, and many tireless volunteers who have organized and brought this event together, and all of you who have spent your time and Linden supporting this event have made it a huge success!
Let's make sure to end this event with a strong finish, and continue to browse the fantastic offerings of the event sim, and let's not forget wether you're a shopper or not, the charity has several donation boxes throughout SL, on the JRF event sim, and in the stores of supporters, so please drop a few Linden next time you walk by one. Our pocket change and play money can make a difference to this charity, and the Japan Relief Fundraiser has proved again how much the residents of SL care for one another as global citizens.
This Sakura Wishes necklace featured below is offered by Alienbear Designs. Sakura Wishes is ornate and versatile as it is worn in two separate pieces, so it can be styled with or without the bottom portion. As all of the JRF items I have been featuring, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Sakura Wishes goes to the charity. It is pictured here with Sakura earrings also by Alienbear Designs.

In this picture:
With only 3 days left, this is your last chance to swing by the JRF event sim, come by and help close this event with an incredible response! All donations are appreciated, and the shopping will reward you with both fantastic finds and a generative well being, knowing you've helped the people in Japan who have survived immense tragedy. Thank you for your support!

Click here to Teleport Now to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
Thank you for the absolutely amazing response so far! Have fun Styling your Japan Relief Fundraiser items!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pipins Creations

My friends know I love to build. That is why I was so inspired by Pipins Creations when I discovered this creative french designers unique and bold use of prims in her builds. The gowns of Pipins Creations are fantastically done, with innovative use of light and glamorous layers of prim work carefully detailed with rich vibrant textures. Pipins Creations use transparent layers of virtual fabric with strategically placed soft light so the gowns literally glow with beauty.
Available in striking and vibrant colors, I chose a gown that stands out in the collection because of its subdued elegance in pearly white. From Pipins' new spring line, Lianne exemplifies some of the masterful use of prim layers. From regal elegance to absolute avant garde, it is no wonder that Pipins Creations is in demand by fashionistas across the grid looking for an inspired couturier.

In this picture:

Pipins Creations will be sponsoring Miss Avatar 2011. There is also an incredible opportunity for anyone to enter the Pipins Lady of the Month contest! Create a FREE Flickr account and submit a picture of yourself wearing Pipins Creations to their Flickr Contest group:

There are a few rules and conditions, stop by the Pipins Creations mainstore to receive a notecard with all the details. Pipins Creations gives away thousands of lindens worth of gifts every month to the winners and winning pictures are featured in the store!

The spring collection is available now, and the new summer collection will be released SOON, so look forward to upcoming posts about the NEW Pipins Creations Summer show!

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 4 Days Left

It's down to the last four days of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event. It's encouraging to see how many people have contributed to this cause. Some of the vendors will be offering fundraiser items in their stores for a limited time to continue to benefit the Americares charity.

In an effort to entice you to visit or revisit the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, I'm posting a brilliant creation by BaObA hats. With 100% of the proceeds from this hat going to the charity, it is a must have fashion accessory for any model.

I combined the stylish BaObA hat with one of my favorite hairs from Tukinowaguma since it put me such a flowery mood. The dramatic red of the flower and impact of the strong lines put BaObA's hat at the top of my list of JRF favorite finds!

In this picture:

Pick up your JRF BaObA hat today at the Japan Relief Fundraiser, and be sure to grab the 1L gift hat by BaObA while you are there! The JRF event sim is counting down its last days, check back here as I wrap up my countdown.

While you still can-- Teleport now to the JRF event sim & support Americares.
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}

Have Fun Styling for a great cause!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Coundown: 5 More Days

As the countdown continues till the end of the Japan Relief Fundraiser, I want to point out this high fashion gown offered by Meiling Couture. The gown is available at the new Meiling Couture mainstore with 100% of the proceeds from this dress' sales going to the Americares charity until May 29th, when the JRF event comes to an end.

Meiling Couture is a new addition to the SL fashion scene. Having made a recent splash into Second Life, this RL designer known for her whimsical caribbean designs and expert use of fabric, has translated her elegant island designs beautifully into prims.

I paired Meilings JRF gown with Elemental Earth Designs new Kiowa jewelry set. Although the set is Turquoise, the sky blue stone reminded me of Larimar, the blue stone of the islands. The bold new Kiowa set is available in several types of stone at the Elemetal Earth Designs mainstore.

In this picture:

You still have 5 days till the Japan Relief Fundraiser event comes to a close. Make sure to visit the brand new Meiling Couture mainstore and find your style in her fun whimsical designs that are straight off the real life runway!

Have fun Styling!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 6 More Days

Continuing in my countdown till the end of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, I present to you a hot ensemble from GizZa Creations. The striking safari dress and matching hat, which completes the look, come together in a set with 100% of the proceeds going to the Americares charity, the official charity of the JRF event.

I added a scarf to my look and detached the top ruffle of the dress, which gives the dress some versatility as it can be worn with or without that top ruffle, depending on your mood. The double clasped belt is a separate item from the cute prim skirt so it can easily be used to add some style to any other outfit.

In this photo:

I paired my fundraiser dress and hat with a brand new set of jewelry from Elemental Earth Designs, the Kiowa sets which also include a striking necklace are now available in several types of stone in either gold or silver at the Elemental Earth Designs mainstore.

The JRF event will be wrapping up in less than a week now, hurry down to the JRF sim to find this and more incredible exclusive items, and help us make this a success for a great cause!

Click here to teleport directly to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
Support the cause & have fun styling your new ensembles!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 7 Days Left

With only seven more days left for the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, I'm encouraging all my readers to give the event a visit (or another revisit) and help support a fantastic cause. So far the sim has raised more than 600k Linden for Americares, the official charity of the JRF event sim. Some of the designers will be offering their fundraising items in their mainstores after the event, but with so many exclusive items for this cause you don't want to miss a thing, so come on down to the sim while it is still going strong this last week.

Here is another one of the fantastic designs offered at the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim. The graceful elegance and fine texturing of this garment makes it one of my favorite discoveries at the fundraiser, and 100% of the proceeds from this gown are going to the charity.

In this photo:

I hope you enjoy styling your favorite finds from the Fundraiser!

Click here to TELEPORT NOW to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
Have fun styling!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 8 Days Left

Continuing with my countdown till the end of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event, I want to show you a recent addition to the event sim, by Fellini Couture, this lovely bouquet of a dress in beautiful brilliant & bright springtime colors. Fellini offers this dress with 100% of the proceeds going to the AmeriCares Charity, the official charity of the Japan Relief Fundraiser event.
Fellini Couture's dress works wonderfully with these exclusive poses by Manifeste - The Art of Posing. This set of four dramatic poses was made exclusively for the Japan Relief Fundraiser and 100% of the proceeds from the elegant poses is going to AmeriCares. Another 100% charity item in this picture is the fantastic jewelry set by Finesmith Designs, who like some other vendors is offering this fundraising item in their mainstore.

In this picture:
  • Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Hair by LeLutka
  • Earrings & Necklace, Finesmith Designs *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
  • Facial Expressions by Serenade
  • Shoes by N-Core
  • Shoe Jewelry made from earrings by Finesmith Designs
  • Pose by Manifeste - The Art of Posing *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
  • Dress by Fellini Couture *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
I just love the way these poses show off the dress, unique poses that express your avatars elegance are always great discoveries, and these are exclusive, affordable and for a GREAT cause.

Click Here & Teleport NOW to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
Have Fun Styling!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 9 Days Left!

I hope you've visited the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, the hard work of creators and many other volunteers has brought together some fantastic designs and exclusive items. As promised, I'm posting some of my favorite discoveries.
If you've already visited the sim, it's time to go back! That's right, a beautiful new dress has been added by Fellini Couture, if you haven't seen it--follow the SLurl below to teleport directly for the JRF sim. Go see it for yourself, I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow as I continue the countdown till the end of the event.

JRF  by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
JRF , a photo by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat on Flickr.
In this picture:
  • Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Hair by LeLutka
  • Earrings & Necklace, Finesmith Designs *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
  • Facial Expression by Serenade
  • Pose by Manifeste - The Art of Posing *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
  • Dress by Fellini Couture *100% proceeds to JRF charity*
Make sure to check back tomorrow as I continue my countdown till the end of the JRF event. I will be posting full pictures of the new dress being offered for the charity by Fellini Couture. As always, have fun styling!
Click Here & Teleport NOW to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
Have Fun Styling you're items for a good cause!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser Countdown: 10 Days Left

There are only 10 days left to get down to the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim. As promised here are some of my fabulous finds. I've met some wonderful people and enjoyed strolling through shops from some of my favorite designers and some that are now new favorites. Follow the SLurl below to see for yourself and help support a great cause!
My favorite find so far is this supercute little Sunrise Purse by Silly Tart. Like most of my purchases at the Japan Relief Fundraiser event sim, 100% of the proceeds from the Sunrise Purse sales go towards the charity.

In this picture:
CLICK HERE to TELEPORT NOW to the JRF event sim!
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}
I hope you have fun styling your new items from the Japan Relief Fundraiser !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser

Click here to Teleport directly to the JRF Event Sim
{Update: The JRF Event has concluded}

There are some amazing vendors at this event, be sure not to miss it, I'll post some of my discoveries. It is for a great cause, spread the word and get down there as soon as you can!

For more information visit the JRF Event Blog @

Have fun Shopping!
It's for a great cause!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sascha Designs 15,000 Members Group Gift

One of my favorite design houses in Second Life is Sascha's Designs. I am not alone--Sascha's Designs has recently reached 15,000 members, an impressive number that designer Sascha Frangilli celebrates with us by offering a beautiful new gift for all her group members.

Like many of the gowns offered by Sascha's Design, the 15,000 Member Group Gift comes with a variety of skirt options, it can be styled and worn with one of several skirts and collars. In addition to the wonderful monthly gowns that are gifted to group members, this new gift can be picked up at the Sascha's Designs Mainstore.

I chose to style the gown with another glamorous gift, earrings and necklace by Finesmith Designs. This enchanting set was gifted to Finesmith Designs group members in celebration of mother's day. Unique and often avant garde Finesmith Designs creations make the perfect finishing touches to any high fashion ensemble.

In these pictures:
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you've been inspired to discover or revisit two of my favorite content creators in Second Life, Sascha's Designs & Finesmith Designs.
Have fun styling!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Photo

Thank you Elemental Earth Designs for featuring my photo in the new *EED* Main store. For fashionable and striking jewelry for men and women, visit Elemental Earth Designs, and make sure to join the group for a lovely gift every month.

Visit *EED* to see featured photos from other bloggers.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have fun styling!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elemental Earth Designs

I've made some fantastic fashion discoveries recently. I love the simple elegance of the clothing at L'Abel & Ivalde. I also stumbled upon an exciting find, Elemental Earth Designs, whose playful jewelry ranges from kitsch to couture in styles for men and women. See these designs for yourself, click here to teleport directly to Elemental Earth Designs.

The textures and rich detail of the Elemental Earth Designs pieces did a great job of bringing this ensemble together. I modified the L'Abel shirt by not attaching the ruffle the designer included to be worn under the high waistband. A visit to one of SL's World Heritage Landmarks, the Great Wall of China led to these shots.

  • Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Headband by Elemental Earth Designs
  • Earrings by Alienbear Designs
  • Necklace by Alienbear Designs
  • Bracelets by Elemental Earth Designs
  • Shirt by L'Abel
  • Pants by L'Abel
  • Shoes by N-Core
  • Pose by Striking Poses
  • Photograph by ElaraGloriana
Thanks for visiting my blog & as always, have fun styling!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SL Blogs I Love

As I prepare to craft more posts about my adventures in SL's fashion world, I think I should first take a moment to draw your attention to three particular SL Blogs that I simply adore.

Fabulously Free in SL is a great blog that features a series of clever photographs showcasing fashion pieces collected from across the grid. This Blog does a great job of listing each item used in the shot, and meticulously lists the locations and prices of the items you see, so you can go find them yourself. As the name implies, each post showcases one or more Fabulously Free item that you can go collect for your own fabulous inventory. The Slurls are all there, so browse the blog and teleport to the spots that have the goods you want! It's like your personal portal to the best free gifts in Second Life, but hurry, many of the free items are offered only for a limited time, so this is a blog you want to check frequently.


Notions of Style is an SL blog that showcases some beautifully staged fashion photography. Highly organized, Notions of Style is a great resource. All of the designers are listed for each piece that is styled. The designers showcased have their SLurls posted for easy access. It's like having your own personal shoppers running around SL finding the best of SL's fashion pieces and accessories. Fashionably styled and photographed by the blog's two artists and authors, KymSara and Sequioa, who stay on top of the trends in SL's fashion scene with an eye for excellent quality. Browse all the posts, search by designer name or look for ensembles in your favorite color. Follow this blog's RSS Feed and refine your own Notions of Style.


Fashion Addicted, Wicca's little fashion corner is penned and published by one of SL fashion's busiest models. Much more than a model, an expert stylist, teacher, judge, and all together fashionista supreme, Wicca Merlin shares her fashion finds and insider scoop with us on her blog, so look to it for some artful photography and good links.

Check back for more great links, I'll share all of my favorite SL blogs with you.
Have fun styling! ~ ElaraGloriana

Friday, April 15, 2011

ElaraGloriana, Headshots

Here's a Headshot of ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat. I wear red hair about 99% of the time, although you may catch me sporting an array of styles, cuts, and colors on occasion.

In This Picture:
  • Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Vackra
  • Earrings and Necklace by Alienbear Designs
  • Shirt and Undershirt by GizZa Creations
  • Photograph by ElaraGloriana

Here is another shot with the same Styling, I liked this one enough to make it my new Blogger profile picture:

ElaraGloriana on Flickr

I post some of my favorite SL photo's on my Flickr page.

Do you have a Flickr account? Feel free to add me as a contact. I love using Flickr to see all the awesome pics people come up with. There are some excellent groups for SL photographers on Flickr worth browsing, if you haven't checked them out, go now! ;D

(re)Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to this new version of my Blog @
My original blog was not much more than a photo morgue for all the random pictures and accounts from my adventures all over Second Life.

Since the creation of that first blog, I have stumbled upon some wonderful SL blogs and I hope to make this one more accessible and organized, like some others I have seen.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to comment, however it may not appear right away; all comments are moderated.

~ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat,
Second Life avatar and Blog author

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