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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elemental Earth Designs

I've made some fantastic fashion discoveries recently. I love the simple elegance of the clothing at L'Abel & Ivalde. I also stumbled upon an exciting find, Elemental Earth Designs, whose playful jewelry ranges from kitsch to couture in styles for men and women. See these designs for yourself, click here to teleport directly to Elemental Earth Designs.

The textures and rich detail of the Elemental Earth Designs pieces did a great job of bringing this ensemble together. I modified the L'Abel shirt by not attaching the ruffle the designer included to be worn under the high waistband. A visit to one of SL's World Heritage Landmarks, the Great Wall of China led to these shots.

  • Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Tuli
  • Headband by Elemental Earth Designs
  • Earrings by Alienbear Designs
  • Necklace by Alienbear Designs
  • Bracelets by Elemental Earth Designs
  • Shirt by L'Abel
  • Pants by L'Abel
  • Shoes by N-Core
  • Pose by Striking Poses
  • Photograph by ElaraGloriana
Thanks for visiting my blog & as always, have fun styling!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SL Blogs I Love

As I prepare to craft more posts about my adventures in SL's fashion world, I think I should first take a moment to draw your attention to three particular SL Blogs that I simply adore.

Fabulously Free in SL is a great blog that features a series of clever photographs showcasing fashion pieces collected from across the grid. This Blog does a great job of listing each item used in the shot, and meticulously lists the locations and prices of the items you see, so you can go find them yourself. As the name implies, each post showcases one or more Fabulously Free item that you can go collect for your own fabulous inventory. The Slurls are all there, so browse the blog and teleport to the spots that have the goods you want! It's like your personal portal to the best free gifts in Second Life, but hurry, many of the free items are offered only for a limited time, so this is a blog you want to check frequently.


Notions of Style is an SL blog that showcases some beautifully staged fashion photography. Highly organized, Notions of Style is a great resource. All of the designers are listed for each piece that is styled. The designers showcased have their SLurls posted for easy access. It's like having your own personal shoppers running around SL finding the best of SL's fashion pieces and accessories. Fashionably styled and photographed by the blog's two artists and authors, KymSara and Sequioa, who stay on top of the trends in SL's fashion scene with an eye for excellent quality. Browse all the posts, search by designer name or look for ensembles in your favorite color. Follow this blog's RSS Feed and refine your own Notions of Style.


Fashion Addicted, Wicca's little fashion corner is penned and published by one of SL fashion's busiest models. Much more than a model, an expert stylist, teacher, judge, and all together fashionista supreme, Wicca Merlin shares her fashion finds and insider scoop with us on her blog, so look to it for some artful photography and good links.

Check back for more great links, I'll share all of my favorite SL blogs with you.
Have fun styling! ~ ElaraGloriana

Friday, April 15, 2011

ElaraGloriana, Headshots

Here's a Headshot of ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat. I wear red hair about 99% of the time, although you may catch me sporting an array of styles, cuts, and colors on occasion.

In This Picture:
  • Shape by ElaraGloriana
  • Skin by LAQ
  • Hair by Fashionably Dead
  • Eyes by Poetic Colors
  • Makeup by Vackra
  • Earrings and Necklace by Alienbear Designs
  • Shirt and Undershirt by GizZa Creations
  • Photograph by ElaraGloriana

Here is another shot with the same Styling, I liked this one enough to make it my new Blogger profile picture:

ElaraGloriana on Flickr

I post some of my favorite SL photo's on my Flickr page.

Do you have a Flickr account? Feel free to add me as a contact. I love using Flickr to see all the awesome pics people come up with. There are some excellent groups for SL photographers on Flickr worth browsing, if you haven't checked them out, go now! ;D

(re)Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to this new version of my Blog @
My original blog was not much more than a photo morgue for all the random pictures and accounts from my adventures all over Second Life.

Since the creation of that first blog, I have stumbled upon some wonderful SL blogs and I hope to make this one more accessible and organized, like some others I have seen.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to comment, however it may not appear right away; all comments are moderated.

~ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat,
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