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Monday, February 27, 2012

EED ~ Panda Backpack

I love Elemental Earth Designs, whose creator is inspired by the shabby chic style. The range of merchandise at EED goes from supercute like this Panda Backpack to high end, classy, red carpet jewelry. This Darling Panda Backpack is a great example of EED's panache for creating the super cute. For a limited time you can get one of these darling Panda Backpacks for yourself from a Lucky Letter Board at the Elemental Earth Designs mainstore.
If you are new to SL, one of the first things you discover is what a treat Lucky Boards and chairs are. When the first letter (or number) of your name appears on the board, simply click it to receive your FREE gift. Remember, the Lucky Board will only gift if it is on the first letter of your legacy name (your account name when you signed up) no matter what you've made your Display name.
Stop into Elemental Earth Designs today to grab your own cute Panda Backpack before they are gone!

EED ~ Panda Backpack by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
In This Picture:

Featured ~ Cute Panda Backpack from Elemental Earth Designs

Hair & Hat by !lamb
Outfit by Prism Clothing Design (click here to see post featuring outfit)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adele ~ Prism Does Mesh!

Prism Clothing Design's New Mesh Dresses are now available in 6 colors, modeled here in the "paris suede" color. I love the way they move with me. AO's are no problem as this dress moves naturally with my pacing, jumping, running, sitting, skipping, dancing and all the moves I make. To ensure it fits you realistically, the Adele dress gives you a few size options in the box, try them out to get a perfect fit. Like all of Prism's clothing, the fabric reads as real, now you can see Prism's beautifully rendered textures on mesh so it moves convincingly too.
To finish off this outfit, I wore it with matching Mesh shoes from Azoury. Its amazing to watch them move with you as you shift your weight from foot to foot. I'm so happy I can finally see and use mesh content. If you haven't already, its time to update to a Second Life viewer that is mesh enabled. Such incredible mesh content is now available, don't miss out!

In This Picture:
Featured: "Adele" Mesh Dress in Paris Suede color by Prism Clothing Design
"Les Chaussures Aalyah Gris" Mesh Shoes by AZOURY

Skin by Curio
Original Shape by ElaraGloriana
Hair & Hat by !Lamb
Lashes by Miamai
Earrings by Aurora Borealis
Bracelets by PurpleMoon
Nails by Mandala
Poses by LAP Long Awkward Pose

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Airship Elara

The Airship Elara flies like a dream. Featuring easy to use HUD and simple Hotkey flight commands you can shift your speeds forward or in reverse, up or down coasting through the air. I enjoy being animated behind the Wheel while I take my friends on a tour, the Elara seats up to four passengers in addition to the pilot.
The Airship Elara by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
Photo by Alexis Sommerfeld
The Last few days I've taken the Airship Elara on some flights through open spaces and protected waters. It's been a pleasure test driving her. Trust me, if I can drive this thing, you will have no trouble-- it's simple to master and loads of fun. It fits into a crossover of genre's but remains firmly in the realm of steampunk, where its creator draws inspiration from SL's steamlands, like New Babbage, a multisim steampunk environment.
If you'd like to see other steampunk inspired objects from the creator of the Airship Elara, visit the Starhelm Trading Company:

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