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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Airship Elara

The Airship Elara flies like a dream. Featuring easy to use HUD and simple Hotkey flight commands you can shift your speeds forward or in reverse, up or down coasting through the air. I enjoy being animated behind the Wheel while I take my friends on a tour, the Elara seats up to four passengers in addition to the pilot.
The Airship Elara by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat
Photo by Alexis Sommerfeld
The Last few days I've taken the Airship Elara on some flights through open spaces and protected waters. It's been a pleasure test driving her. Trust me, if I can drive this thing, you will have no trouble-- it's simple to master and loads of fun. It fits into a crossover of genre's but remains firmly in the realm of steampunk, where its creator draws inspiration from SL's steamlands, like New Babbage, a multisim steampunk environment.
If you'd like to see other steampunk inspired objects from the creator of the Airship Elara, visit the Starhelm Trading Company:

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