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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pipins Creations

My friends know I love to build. That is why I was so inspired by Pipins Creations when I discovered this creative french designers unique and bold use of prims in her builds. The gowns of Pipins Creations are fantastically done, with innovative use of light and glamorous layers of prim work carefully detailed with rich vibrant textures. Pipins Creations use transparent layers of virtual fabric with strategically placed soft light so the gowns literally glow with beauty.
Available in striking and vibrant colors, I chose a gown that stands out in the collection because of its subdued elegance in pearly white. From Pipins' new spring line, Lianne exemplifies some of the masterful use of prim layers. From regal elegance to absolute avant garde, it is no wonder that Pipins Creations is in demand by fashionistas across the grid looking for an inspired couturier.

In this picture:

Pipins Creations will be sponsoring Miss Avatar 2011. There is also an incredible opportunity for anyone to enter the Pipins Lady of the Month contest! Create a FREE Flickr account and submit a picture of yourself wearing Pipins Creations to their Flickr Contest group:

There are a few rules and conditions, stop by the Pipins Creations mainstore to receive a notecard with all the details. Pipins Creations gives away thousands of lindens worth of gifts every month to the winners and winning pictures are featured in the store!

The spring collection is available now, and the new summer collection will be released SOON, so look forward to upcoming posts about the NEW Pipins Creations Summer show!

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