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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starhelm Hats

Starhelm Hats by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

The Starhelm Trading Company has been around making fine victorian furnishings and steampunk decorative items for some time.  In the past Starhelm was known primarily for their beautifully crafted working time pieces.  With the recent invention of flyable, drivable nautical airships the Starhelm Trading Company has reached a new level of what they are able to accomplish.  As a professional 3D designer, the genius behind Starhelm Trading Company, Captain Alexis Sommerfeld prefers to use mesh when she is able.  Making the finest crafted mesh models on the grid, the Starhelm Trading Company has gained acclaim and attention by combining an artistic three dimensional approach to design with a keen understanding of  the medium itself,  creating whimsical and attractive technical accomplishments.

The Starhelm Trading Company has created a series of fine victorian hats, some flavored with steampunk accessories, like the Clockwork Hat pictured above.  Others like the Mad Hatter No. 1 hat pictured below show a playful spin on victorian fashion while the Somber Sommerfeld Hat pictured last retains a more classic look for those seeking historical accuracy.
Starhelm Hats by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

In the words of the designer:
"What could be more civilized than the wearing of a hat? For delightful afternoon walks, tea at the Queen's, or in the pursuit of SCIENCE, our Victorian hats will suit any occasion!"  
All these hats are available on the Starhelm Trading Company's Marketplace Store.
Starhelm Hats by ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

*FEATURED HATS by the Starhelm Trading Company  -
                Available on Marketplace -

*Jewelry, the Eleanor Set with chocolate pearls by Artistry by E.

*Dresses by GizzA Creations

*All Photo's in this post by Alexis Sommerfeld, owner of the Starhelm Trading Co.

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